Universal Crackers

Universal Crackers

Experience the crispiness in every bite of Indonesian traditional crackers,
only with Universal Crackers from PT. Satria Urban Perkasa!



Indonesia is one major dried processed food in crackers product producers countries in the world, but it is considered a secondary crop. There is an established trading system for local processed crackers, but collective production and sales by producers are under-developed. There is very limited value addition at local producer, which is why they could not access the high-value markets. Therefore, we stand at this point, ‘PT. Satria Urban Perkasa’ directly empowered by local crackers producer, this will guarantee at most values in price, quality, and quantities.

'From the Local Producer with Quality'

Our crackers are produced with consideration for quality control and international standard of food safety. Careful practices have been stabilized to control the chemical, microbiological, pesticide and contaminant content.

Crackers Pruduct

Best product, most valuable prices in Indonesia!

“Enjoy the deliciousness and authenticity of Indonesian crackers by ordering from us- 
the best and most trusted supplier and exporter! We are committed to providing only the best products made from natural
and high-quality ingredients. Don’t miss the chance to try the best Indonesian crackers available from us.”

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